At Togba & Associates we guarantee professional integrity and quality personal services. We provide support to small business owners and individuals with guidance and advice that enables them to make informed financial decisions. . Each client is treated with respect and receives close personal attention.

Our clients’ interests always come first. We believe great services requires personal attention, technical expertise and an uncompromising commitment to exceed client expectations to contribute to their financial success.

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Nike’ Togba

I care deeply about my clients. I treat every case and client file as if it were my own. There’s nothing like the satisfaction I feel when they can finally relax. I found my love for tax matter resolution when a client came to me with a payroll tax problem. He had gone years without filing and was actually no longer operating with employees. The matter dated back to 2007. I was able to put together the missing pieces, trace his filing history and resolve his issue.

I love what I do. I love to untangle complicated messes and find the missing pieces of the puzzle. No matter how disorganized a client’s accounts are, I am usually able to straighten them out. I develop trusting relationships with my clients. I take pride in being a person of integrity, and I take my fiduciary responsibilities very seriously. It’s about more than just solving their tax problems, it’s about restoring their peace of mind.

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November 12th

Togba & Associates LLC

“ is the journey that matters in the end”
Creating, building, manifesting and maintaining your dream visions thoughts and ideas take time, consistency and effort...especially if you’re building it to last. Be patient with yourself. Enjoy the ride. Take pictures along the way so that when you finally “make it there” you can truly appreciate the growth, change and experiences that got you “there”.
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November 6th

Togba & Associates LLC

For us Accounting and Tax Advisory means providing #quality advice and #information that you can use to manage and grow your business. Sometimes that means editing a client’s #business processes for efficiency. Innovation can be painful, but it’s necessary. Be open to #change.

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This is my second year with Nike’ and her team

Michelle Holmes

Togba & Associates have been an instrumental part of solidifying

Irving Greene – Owner of Greene Environmental LLC

My experience with Togba & Associates was excellent. Great service

Ian Ford

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